Can you promote my blog/channel?

I will only promote people if they are makeup related and submit a video or photo to my blog. Put your username as a link in the description. 

Why didn’t my submission get published?

I want my blog to look a certain way with certain photos. Ususally I only publish professional photography just because you can see the makeup a lot better and it makes my blog look a lot cleaner. I will publish unprofessional work but only if the makeup is something I think should be shared with everyone (blended well, artistic, skill level, etc). Meaning that I want the focus on the makeup, not ungroomed brows and overly shiny skin because of harsh camera flashes. ALSO do not submit photos in the ask box, I will ignore them because I don’t like my page filled with just links.

Why didn’t you answer my ask?

I’m a theatre major in college, so a lot of my time is devoted to school. Also, I may have not published it, but I do look at every message I get. If I receive a compliment on my blog, I usually won’t post it for aesthetic reasons but I try to get back to that person to thank them! I also won’t post a message if the person has any kind of attitude ex: “Thank you for taking the time to read this…if you did.”