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yourmakeupbag-deactivated201206 asked: What brand of foundation do you use? I am trying to find something that looks natural but still covers well. I have already used bare minerals, and I am currently using M.A.C. Any suggestions?

Makeup Forever HD foundation is good, it’s forty bucks though which is a pain. But right now I’m using Mark Powder Buff Foundation with a good concealer underneath with setting spray afterwards. Plus it’s only 12 dollars :)

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Hmm, I may do this


Hmm, I may do this

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Sucker Punch


Sucker Punch

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priestwithaneyepatch asked: I recently bought Diorshow mascara (the original i guess) I've bought it a couple times before but this time it seems really crappy. My lashes are clumping together especially by the end of the day. What are your experiences with Diorshow? I was thinking of exchanging it because it's pretty expensive, do you have any suggestions for amazing mascara? I want think dramatic lashes. Thank you :)

Being a college student, I don’t have the funds for a fancy mascara like Diorshow (though it’s on my wishlist!). But my friend had the exact same problem. My guess is that not all women have the same kind of lashes, and those with finer lashes tend to clump up more because they can’t handle the weight of certain mascaras. Try one with plastic comb bristles- it’ll help define them.

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nothingbutn0nsense asked: hi! i didnt find this picture on your tumblr but i figured you could maybe help me find a tutorial or something on how to do your make up like this!


thank you thank you!

It’s pretty much a lot of eyeliner with no wing at the end and a lengthening mascara. Use a pencil to get in between your lashes and an angled brush for precision. Go over the eyeliner with a black eyeshadow to keep it from going anywhere and to soften the look

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xknguyenx asked: Hey I just wanted some tips, on how to get more of a flawless finish when I
apply my foundation. It always seem to look cakey when I want it to look natural.
Is there any products you would recommend that's affordable? Thanks so much :)

Soak a makeup sponge or Beauty Blender, squeeze the excess water and blend out your foundation in stippling, dabbing, and light swiping motions . Most women apply too much foundation, thinking that more of it will do what a concealer is supposed to do, when in reality a foundation is supposed to even out your skintone whilst a concealer hides blemishes and everything that foundation won’t cover. Also look into getting a very fine-milled powder, 100% silica powder is amazing. Makeup forever sells it but it’s way overpriced. I got mine from coastalscents.com, and I know the ELF has a good fine powder as well, and one with SPF too! If your skin doesn’t need very much coverage, try a tinted moisturizer instead since Summer is on it’s way and sometimes foundation can be to heavy for hotter months. Once you’re face is done, lightly use a mineral water spray (like Fix+ from MAC, or Evian which is a lot cheaper and more travel friendly) to set everything and cut down on the dreaded cake face. Hope this helps!

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