cleoh said: i have a mac studio fix powder foundation & a in2it gel blush. which one do i apply first? thanks :)

All liquids should go on before powders! And it’s alright to put on more blush than usual since studiofix will cover some of it up. 

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cl4nd3stine said: Hi! I just made a new blog where I review drugstore brand make-up, nail polish, hair products, etc. Do you think you could help promote me? That would be truly appreciated. :) Thank you! <3

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silvercrosses said: love how creative + colourful your posts are! best makeup tumblr ever!

Thank you! I’m glad people have noticed what mood I’m always trying to go for with this blog. Creative and Colorful! :)

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makeyourwaytome-deactivated2012 said: okay so i have really dry skin around my t zone, and when i wear liquid and powder foundation together, it really drys my t zone out and makes me look flakey and chapped. if i use just liquid, it works fine but i would prefer the coverage of both. any suggestions? :) also, any make up brand suggestions that would help me with this problem would be great :) :)

If you need more coverage on your cheeks than your T-zone, try putting the powder foundation only where it won’t get dry and flaky. Or try using a heavier coverage foundation or a good concealer and powder with a lighter, airier formula. Also try using a very moisturizing night cream! I love Mario Badescu’s night creams. 

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