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forestgirl said: Hello, i was wondering if you could give me some foundation or tinted moisturizer recommendations for beginners? I'm 16 and have never worn makeup before. My mom says it's okay but as long as it is not the drugstore makeup. What is a good brand that is not too expensive? I don't want to spend a lot since it's my first time.

Thank you!

I know MAC has a nice tinted moisturizer, it doesn’t have a luminizing formula so it’s great if you want a natural semi-matte look, and since it’s tinted moisturizer it wonn’t look cakey. Bare Minerals is a great brand for people just starting out with makeup because it’s focused around enhancing your natural beauty with ingredients that won’t break you out. I’m wearing Bare Minerals Matte as my foundation right now because I have oily skin and it’s great!

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I’m going to try to do my makeup like this! Maybe for EDC!




I’m going to try to do my makeup like this! Maybe for EDC!

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i-havefeelingstoo said: I love your blog. So much. <3 For my graduation present, I'm getting my make up done by an artist then buying what they used on me. What do you think is the best brand of make up? I want to use Mac, but I wanted another opinion !

MAC is great but just make sure you tell them exactly what you want and what kind of event you’re wearing the makeup to (a pary or a family event?) or else your look could come out a little more dramatic than you might want it to be.

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threecharms said: Hi. Where can I buy Chanel lipstick stating at around $27? Every website I go to does not have many color selections.

Your best bet is probably just going to a Chanel counter in a department store— all of the colors will be there for you to try on and make sure you like and there will be employees to help you out. Or if you know what color you already want, then just take a look at eBay.

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sharing my &#8220;work&#8221; :)

sharing my “work” :)

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chrissnaad said: I wanna be a make-up artist.. your blog inspires me so much! love it!

Awesome girl! That’s a reason why I love running this blog, I love to help inspire other people who love the industry, artistic value, and overall fun of the world of makeup. Thank you for the nice message :)

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