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Title: Red RavenPhotographer and Art Director: RENÉ SALVADORAssistant: David Del ValleModel and stylist: Nicole Alexis Sully Hair Stylist: Shannon HayMake Up: Selina Heraz-Bautista 


Title: Red Raven

Photographer and Art Director: RENÉ SALVADOR
Assistant: David Del Valle
Model and stylist: Nicole Alexis Sully
Hair Stylist: Shannon Hay
Make Up: Selina Heraz-Bautista

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Keira Knightley talks about Pirates of the Caribbean and her boobs.

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Hip hop shoes?

I’m taking hip hop this semester and I need to wear sneakers….WHAT KIND DO I NEED?? And I’m not talking about those dance sneakers with the huge arch. And what kind of pants? They need to be loose fitting. Help me please!

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Greg Nicotero, behind the scenes



Greg Nicotero, behind the scenes


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Update on Sayuki

I had to be honest with myself and recognize that

1. I’m a broke college student

2. I’m BROKE

There’s no way I can afford an $85 foundation. I mean, I HAVE the money, but I could use that moola for my books and dance shoes! That sales lady sure did a great job of making me feel like I couldn’t live without that makeup though! That’s why I’m glad I can only carry cash around. I have a set amount of money to spend that day and couldn’t break the rules even if I wanted to.


I bought Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation and it’s heaven. My skin looked so nice and lasted the entire day. It has a beautiful semi-matte finish yet I had the perfect amount of sheen to my face. My color is 2N1 Desert Beige. IM IN LOVEEEEEEEE.

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Has anybody tried Sayuki Custom Cosmetics??

I went to Bloomingdales today to pick up an Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation, and the sales lady had suggested I try Sayuki. It’s customized foundation in which they SCAN your face and formulate a foundation from scratch right at the counter. They can not only customize your color, but coverage level as well as skin type formulation. She put the Combo skin Full coverage sample on my hand and….oh my god I actually got a little emotional..hahaha. The makeup looked so flawless. My friend Nicki and I had spent a lot of time in Sephora and MAC and all the foundations we had tried covered great but looked like..well, makeup. This just looked like my skin. I was in awe of how my hand looked and felt. The only down side is that its $85 for a bottle….Yikes I know…But I’m going to give it a shot. I need to treat myself and I would much rather invest in an amazing foundation that does everything I want it to do (and then some! It has amazing ingredients!) than keep wasting money trying makeup that is so-so for me. I would DEFINITELY spend more money on a great foundation than go out blowing my money on food and drinks and covers for nightclubs! Or clothes that I don’t need. Trends come and go but I’m stuck with this face forever so I might as well take care of it. I will definitely do an in depth review for you guys. Please reply here or message me if you have tried their foundation!

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there are lots of posts going around that say “women don’t wear makeup or dress just to appeal to men”

and while that’s true

don’t ever feel bad for wanting to look good for someone.

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