Winona Ryder as Elizabeth Taylor - Face Forward by Kevyn Aucoin, 2000


Winona Ryder as Elizabeth Taylor - Face Forward by Kevyn Aucoin, 2000

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Lily Cole at Dior Couture Fall/Winter 2007


Lily Cole at Dior Couture Fall/Winter 2007

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she-speakseasy said: I'm obsessed with your tumblr. Gorgeous.

Thank you lovely :)

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Makeup: Megan Martinez


Makeup: Megan Martinez

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Fran Wilson MoodMatcher Lipstick
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My personal daily routine (for those of you who asked) :)

  1. Primer- Victoria’s Secret
  2. Foundation (one pump applied with fingers)- Mac Pro Longwear in NC20
  3. Concealer- MAC Studio Sculpt for spots and Amazing Cosmetics concealer for under eyes
  4. Powder (lightly with kabuki brush)- MAC Studio Fix powder
  5. Brows- Revlon Brow Fantasy
  6. Blush- NARS Orgasm
  7. Eyes- Primer, Kitten by Stila lightly on lid, Cork by MAC in crease, Studio Fix powder for highlight
  8. Eyeliner- Kat Von D Tattoo liner (set with a black shadow)
  9. Mascara- Benefit Bad Gal
  10. Lips- Strawberry lip balm by Rosebud Perfume Co.

This look takes me a little over 5 minutes to do on a day to day basis. If I have extra time one day or I have to look a little nicer, I’ll use the same products but take more time to do it and/or bump up the eyeliner and lipstick.

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fallinlovetobeinlove-deactivate said: I don't want to sound like a newb. Well, maybe I am.
I was wondering, the order of mineral makeup?
Like after you wash your face, tone and moisturize. What's the next step? Like what tools do you need? Etc?
Like do I wash, tone, moisturize, and then apply the mineral foundation?
I really don't mean to bother you. But I'm kind of new to this. And I'd love your help. Thank you.

Yes those steps are correct! Also, f you want your skin to be a smoother base as well as having your foundation go on easier and last longer, then I would recommend using a primer after letting your skin care set into your face.

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