Pointers for MAC Matchmaster Foundation

Get a GOOOOOD moisturizer!!! I was recommended MAC Mineralize Charged Water Moisture Gel but I got Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief  (what’s with these long-ass names for skincare??) instead because they were out of the MAC one when I went back to purchase it. The MAC artist said they’re pretty much the same thing. It’s working great for my Combination skin so far :)

Not sure if I recommend this foundation for people with really Dry skin but don’t take my word for it.

I was using mac primer before but it made my skin look super dry and flaky with this foundation, so I exchanged it for the moisturizer (a hard habit for me to break bc I love primers) and it looks a lot more natural.

I spray a Fix+, Mineralized Water, or mix water with a bit of my moisturizer on a Stipple or Buffing brush before I dip it in foundation. I usually work in my foundation with my fingers but it wasn’t working so well that way (I think that was making me break out as well, even though I sanitize my hands beforehand) UPDATE: Using a damp, clean sponge to apply it worked and looked a lot better!!!

You don’t need a lot! I have breakouts and post-acne dark spots and I only use 1, sometimes 2 pumps depending on my how my skin is behaving

Only lightly powder if you need to, and only where you get oily! Another habit I had to break because I usually get shiny.

So pretty much I learned that just because you’re oily, you don’t need to strip your skin of all oil, moisture is good! And don’t touch your face throughout the day!

Here’s a list of approximate shade matches

Hope this helps!! :)

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