Soooo…. the drugstore foundation hunt

I purchased Revlon Colorstay the other day…it was okay… :/

It looked alright when I first put it on (except the color-Medium Beige- was too pink for me) but it just didn’t hold up very long. I looked okay from a distance but up close I looked like a greasy cakey MESS. I really wanted to love it :(


I just purchased Cover Girl Outlast 3 in 1 foundation and WOWIEEE COVERGIRL I used to hate most of their products. But this foundation looks BEAUTIFUL so far. I’ve had it on for about an hour now and my skin looks a lot healthier and not cakey whatsoever.

I applied 1-1 1/2 pumps to my face with a dense, flat top brush from my Costco brush set and I haven’t even powdered yet. No primer or concealer either. My face gets really oily within an hour of application but this…woah. I was going back and forth between 825 and 832, so I bought both. I found 825 was a tad pink for me so I gave that to my mom and the 832 seems like a pretty good match.

I’m NC20 in MAC, Shade 3.0 in Urban Decay Naked, and 118 in MUFE HD.

I paid $12 for one bottle and got the other 50% off at CVS (I like them because you can exchange opened makeup if the color is wrong as long as you have a receipt.) It provides med/full coverage, leaning more on the full side. It’s a healthy matte finish, still letting my skin show through while covering my MANY dark acne scars and filling the majority of my pores (I think an absolutely poreless, flawless look isn’t the best because it can appear pretty fake). I love how this has a pump as opposed to Revlon Colorstay. Smells like typical Cover Girl makeup but it’s not a huge issue to me because of how good this looks. 

I know I’ve only had it on a short time…about an hour or so..but just the fact that I don’t need a layer of powder to keep it from sliding off- that’s almost too good to be true for me.

I have combination, sensitive, acne-prone skin (*tear*). I get a lot oilier once it starts to get warmer. 

So far this is better than UD Naked; I paid 30 bucks for UD and this stuff is less than half the price!

I buy all my makeup with my own money and I have never been offered compensation of any sort to do any kind of review.

FYI This is not my final review whatsoever, I still have to see how it holds up throughout my 12 hour days at school, my 8 hour shifts, and what it looks like powdered and everything. I’ll keep you guys posted on this foundation! :)

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